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Sep 20, 2013 | The Under The Dome Podcast | 0 comments



In this episode of The Under The Dome Podcast I discuss the season 1 finale titled “Curtains” that aired on September 16th on CBS. I go over some news regarding the show since the last podcast and talk about it’s ratings and discuss what the show forerunner, Brian K. Vaughan, talked about regarding the first season in an interview.  I talk about my feelings of this finale and how I find it fell flat. I discuss why Linda has become my least favourite character. What does Julia being the monarch actually means. How Junior keeps switching alliances. I talk about the fate of Barbie and how it’s not much of a cliffhanger. I discuss the mystery behind the dome and who or what the “Alice” being is. I close out this episode with some listeners feedback.

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Links discussed in this episode:

Brian K. Vaughan Defends finale, Vows Season 2 will be “Different”


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