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Exigent Circumstances

In this episode of The Under The Dome Podcast I discuss the twelfth  episode titled “Exigent Circumstances” that aired on September 9th on CBS. I go over some news regarding the show since the last podcast and talk about it’s ratings. I talk about the town meeting that Jim holds and the manhunt for Barbie that it creates. I talk about Dodee’s discovery and how it leads to her demise at the hands of Big Jim. I discuss Junior’s dilemma regarding his vision from last week and what his father is asking of him this week. I talk about the mini-dome and what is happening with it this episode and of the kids who are taking care of it. And I talk about the rescue of Julia, Barbie’s capture and what it will bring. I close out this episode with some listeners feedback, the answers I received to the weekly Twitter question.

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Links discussed in this episode:

Definition of Exigent circumstance

The “Dharma” Dartboard in Ben’s room. swordsswords[dot]com (bullseye-dragon-target-throwing-board)
Link removed at the request of the target website.


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