008 The Orphan Black Podcast – Untangled Bank

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Untangled Bank

Orphan Black Untangled Bank

In this eight episode of The Orphan Black Podcast I talk about the episode entitled Untangled Bank. What an amazing episode of Orphan Black this was. As usual, I start off with some news. This time I mention a fun quiz you can take to see just how much you know about the clones in Orphan Black. I give an update on the fan Indiegogo campaign for a special award for Tatiana Maslany. I talk about both and Entertainment Weekly interview with Maria Doyle Kennedy and a spoiler clip on EW’s Intragram page. And I mention that Tatiana will be presenting at the Canadian Screen Awards on March 9th. Links to all of these news items can be found at the bottom of this post.

In my episode discussion I talk about the growing relationship between Sarah and Paul and how real it can be. I go in depth on how Alison’s life is spiralling out of her control and what the ramifications could be for her family. I also talk about Ainsley, Alison’s neighbour and what her intentions could be. I then move on to the relationship that is brewing between Cosima and Delphine and wonder about Delphine’s part in Dr. Leekie’s organization. I discuss the progress and problems that Art and the police force are having with all the twists and turns they are encountering during their investigation. I then talk about Mrs. S. and what her involvement could be in the whole clone situation. I then finish off my episode discussion with my thoughts on Helena and the tragic end scene where Kira is struck by a car.

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Links mentioned on the podcast.

Orphan Black Quiz

Indiegogo Clone Club Award for Tatiana Maslany 

Interview with Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S.)

Spoiler free article by Rebecca Fisher

Season 2 spoiler clips (don’t watch if you don’t like spoilers)

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